Acting Camp Summer 2017

You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force. Publilius Syrus

As our staff prepares for a summer of Theatre Games, Play Rehearsal, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Movement and Improv, we take moments in our day to reflect upon the goals we want to achieve here at The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair.

It goes without saying that skill-building in the areas of Performance is a main goal. We want all our camp participants to gain Performing Skill and Confidence…and in our experience spanning 30 years of summer programs, they do!

Another goal is friendship. Because we are now dealing with the wonders of technology and its darker side of disconnecting us from each other, we want our participants to revel in the real time, real life sweetness of connecting with each other. Oh, the friendships that are made here and that span the years. Our staff is awed and pleased that these friendships remain so faithful and meaningful throughout our past participants’ lives.

Last, but not least: We are true believers in the healing power of Theatre Work! Understanding and compassion are the natural outgrowths of our work. We believe that is why theatre artists can be so sensitive, intuitive and caring. What say you?

Registration for The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair is going on now for Ages 12-16 and 8-11 and for our very youngest Little  Summer Stars, ages 5-7.

Call 973-746-8686 for more information. and



As if Fun, Camaraderie, Boosted Self-Esteem are not reasons enough for Young People to  strut their stuff, add enhanced S.A.T. scores to the list of many benefits awaiting your Teen or Child, when she or he gets involved in a great theatre program.

What follows below is an excerpt from the article describing the S.A.T. findings . For those interested in how this information could benefit your Teen or Child, here is the link to the entire article:

The College Entrance Examination Board reported student scores from 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005 using data from the Student Description Questionnaire indicating student involvement in various activities, including the arts. As compared to their peers with no arts coursework or involvement:

  • Students involved in drama performance scored an average of 65.5 points higher on the verbal component and 35.5 points higher in the math component of the SAT
  • Students who took courses in drama study or appreciation scored, on average, 55 points higher on verbal and 26 points higher on math than their non-arts classmates.
  • In 2005, students involved in drama performance outscored the national average SAT score by 35 points on the verbal portion and 24 points on the math section.
  • Registration for The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair is in full swing. Sign up at or Call Artistic Director, Mary Ann Riel at 973-746-8686 for more information.

“No matter how cliché it may sound, you will never truly be successful and to you learn to get beyond your self. Empathy and kindness are the true signs of emotional intelligence.” ~ Will Ferrell

What predicts future success more than any other part of your child’s or teen’s life? High test scores? Great athletic prowess? Model good looks? Surprisingly, these traits, in and of themselves, don’t guarantee a successful life.

It is Emotional Intelligence that, by far, a greater predictor of success.

Emotional Intelligence encompasses four abilities:

1.To Perceive Emotion

2. Use Emotion

3. Understand Emotion

4. Manage one’s emotions.

The studies tell us that Theatre Work exponentially enhances these abilities.

Whether it is a school play, after school workshop or summer camp program, young people who immerse themselves in theatre work gain both life and work skills that predict future success.

Stagework, developing a character and interacting with others in a supportive, personal manner creates understanding and compassion that is experienced profoundly by a young person in the collaborative process of a cherished and shared artistic goal: The Play!

So, while sports, beauty, brains and brawn don’t hurt, a young person is very greatly served by spending some time onstage. A great reason for a parent to consider Acting Camp? We think so!

Acting Methods informed the development of our Emotional Intelligence workshops – Ralf Rauker






Acting Camp 2017

Camp Season 2017 is up and ready for Registration!

We are now in our 30th year and our Theatre Season is full of drama, comedy, music and dance.

Call Artistic Director Mary Ann Riel to schedule a tour of the camp site.

Early Bird Registration now until February 28th! Don’t miss out!

What’s Great About Fall? Scene Study Class 2015!

It’s ba-ack! Rustling leaves kicked beneath children’s new school shoes, blazing Mums, portly pumpkins perched on porches beckoning to the warmth within: FALL!

Can’t you feel the racing anticipation in the brisk air? Shakespeare calls this “teeming Autumn, big with rich increase…”

Everything about Fall is grand and Showy, her theatricality peaking in a chaos of scarlet, orange and yellow to rival neon’s boldest palette!

Beautiful and evocative, Fall is the perfect time to be a part of our joyful and challenging Scene Study Class.

Culminating in a New York City Performance, our Fall and Spring Scene Study Classes have a long and distinguished reputation for turning out fine performances and inspiring young actors to their personal best.

If one is preparing for College Auditions, Scene Study Class provides the strong perspective and focus to compete for a spot in a worthy B.F.A. Acting Program.

Yes, now is the time to commit boldly to one’s own inner drama whilst working with friends to create a warm bonfire of creativity and friendship! Dramatic? You betcha!

Don’t miss out–register today! 973-746-8686

Happy New Camp Year 2015!

Happy, happy, Happiest of New Years to you and yours! This year marks our 25th Anniversary of The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair!

We are honored, delighted and excited that you are visiting us here to get information about our summer programs. We know that you want the very best camp experience for your child and so do we!

Please peruse our website. As a discriminating parent, you know that knowledge is power. We invite you to call us at 973-746-8686 to ask your specific questions. We promise the phone call will be informative and unpressured.

Early Bird Registration offers a significant discount on all programs, so make sure to register by February 15!

Camp Site tours are ongoing…schedule one now!

Next weeks blog: 10 Things every parent should know about drama camp!

Welcome to The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair!

The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair

Welcome to The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair! We are happy and grateful that you
stopped by our blog and website to learn about us!   Everyday, we witness how life-enhancing the Performing Arts can be to a young person’s life.


Who we are:                                                                                                                       We are Theatre Artist Educators who have been working with young performing artists for more than 23 years. Our passion and commitment to the participants who enroll in our summer programs, and their parents, remain strong and constant. We believe that theatrical training is one of the most efficient ways to build confidence, character and true self-esteem!

Who will benefit from The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair?                       Young people who enjoy theatre and performing will benefit from our camp! At any age or level of experience, we offer the opportunity to explore the wonders of the theatrical experience with other like-spirited young people.

How does your child benefit by participating in The Summer Theatre Camp of
Montclair ?

Your child…
…is celebrated for his or her unique talents, strengths and abilities.
…is inspired to follow his or her creative instincts.
…gains confidence and self-esteem by meeting appropriate challenges.
…learns dramatic concepts through instruction and dynamic onstage experience.

Why parents will feel comfortable enrolling their teen, tween or child in The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair ?                                                                         Our instructors are professional teaching artists. They are certified, mature, experienced and caring. Most have worked within our summer project for years and are committed to providing the best care and support to each participant. All staff is rigorously trained and screened each year.

We are committed to providing a safe environment. Our camp site is clean and beautiful and monitored. Our staff is attentive and vigilant. We are committed to a Behavior Policy that sets a reasonable and fair standard of respect and kindness for all students. This standard creates an environment of trust where participants can take the joyful and artistic risks that are important to learning the craft and art of acting. Our camp, of course, is insured.

When should you register to secure placement in The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair ?                                                                                                                      Now!                                                                                                                                       1. The earlier you register, the quicker you secure placement. We maintain comparatively small class sizes in all of our programs to make certain that all participants receive the attention they need to learn and grow as performing artists. Space is limited and Registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis.

2. Early Registration means savings on tuition. Register early to get the best price on tuition.

3. Register with a sibling or friend, and save more on tuition. We offer discounts on multiple registrations because we know that sharing the acting camp experience with a friend or sibling provides many opportunities for shared learning and fun!

This sounds great! How can I get more information about The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair ?
Questions are good! Is our camp the right fit for your teen, tween or child? Call today to speak with Artistic Director, Mary Ann Riel, at 973-746-8686. She will happily answer your questions in an unpressured conversation about your childʼs and familyʼs needs and goals.



Yes! Camp 2015 Registration is Now open!

Camp 2015 is officially on…and we couldn’t be more excited!  If you are new to our “Camp Site,” we welcome you!  The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair has a long and illustrious history of providing acting training of very high caliber in a very small and personalized setting.  We are so fortunate and proud that a great many of our former camp participants have told us that their summer camps and acting classes with us have been times of personal growth and transformation while forming long term friendships with other  like-spirited people.

We have dynamic, fun and challenging programs for ages 12-16, 8-11 and 5-7.  As you click through the links, do so by program and age first and then look at our options:  full or half-day, four, three, two or one week.  All of our programs feature free Before and AfterCare, ideally suited for working parents who want their child or children to have a summer full of fun, friends and appropriate challenges designed to build skill and confidence all happening in a safe and beautiful, air-conditioned environment.

When you call us with your specific questions, you will gain clear and useful information about our camp situation to see if we are the right fit for your child’s needs and expectations.  We are a small camp and fill up quickly so we never ‘sell’ anyone.  We believe in providing you with straightforward information.  If you want to take a tour of our Camp Site and ask your questions personally, we will arrange an appointment for you and your child.

More posts to come!  Meantime…Spring is here and we are counting the dates until camp!  We look forward to answering your questions. 🙂



Camp Countdown!

The Month of May is peeking its lovely, flower-adorned head around the corner and the question at hand is:  Where should you enroll your teen, tween or 5-7 year old for camp?  You want an enriching, safe camp experience where they will have fun, learn, and make friends in a dynamic, wholesome environment.   And if your offspring is creative, dramatic, funny, or all of the above–or simply interested in having a great summer of acting, singing, dancing, and rehearsal for a great show,  The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair just might offer them the sort of excellent theatre experience to make Summer 2013 the time of their lives!

Our camp programs offer training for all ages and levels of experience in a safe, fun and focused environment.  Our camp site is beautiful, secure and air-conditioned conveniently located in downtown Montclair.  Drop off and Pick up is easy and Before and After Care are available at no charge.   Set up a personalized tour with Artistic Director, Mary Ann Riel to see our camp site, learn about our approach and ask your questions!    Call 973-746-8686–space is limited and registration is on a first come; first served basis.

So, You’re Looking for An Acting Camp for your Teen/Tween

The Summer Camp Theatre of MontclairThe Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair’s Main Stage Program for Teens and Tweens has opened doors of acting skill and confidence, artistry and fun for many young performers seeking to elevate their artistry through disciplined and joyful dramatic work.

Creating an artistic environment of honesty, ease, camaraderie and challenge are the keys to the success of The Main Stage Program.  Each day follows a routine of yoga, vocal, dance and movement training along with acting exercises and games designed to stretch the parameters of imagination and skill.  Participants emerge from the program feeling personally and artistically transformed and strengthened.

Set up a meeting with Artistic Director, Mary Ann Riel, to determine if The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair is the right fit for your tween or teen.  Call 973-746-8686 for an informative conversation in which you can ask your specific questions.