What’s Great About Fall? Scene Study Class 2015!

It’s ba-ack! Rustling leaves kicked beneath children’s new school shoes, blazing Mums, portly pumpkins perched on porches beckoning to the warmth within: FALL!

Can’t you feel the racing anticipation in the brisk air? Shakespeare calls this “teeming Autumn, big with rich increase…”

Everything about Fall is grand and Showy, her theatricality peaking in a chaos of scarlet, orange and yellow to rival neon’s boldest palette!

Beautiful and evocative, Fall is the perfect time to be a part of our joyful and challenging Scene Study Class.

Culminating in a New York City Performance, our Fall and Spring Scene Study Classes have a long and distinguished reputation for turning out fine performances and inspiring young actors to their personal best.

If one is preparing for College Auditions, Scene Study Class provides the strong perspective and focus to compete for a spot in a worthy B.F.A. Acting Program.

Yes, now is the time to commit boldly to one’s own inner drama whilst working with friends to create a warm bonfire of creativity and friendship! Dramatic? You betcha!

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