“Join us–leave your field to flower…”

The opening number of Pippin invites us to “leave our field to flower…come and waste an hour or two…” We are beguiled to suspend disbelief and dwell in Pippin’s soaring songs and blatant, inspiring theatrics. What a glorious way to spend an evening–or matinee! Our investment for all Pippin’s joyful, dramatic bounty are our own ignited imaginations and…some time.

In a world where the internet is a treasure trove of possibilities and, sometimes, outrageous promises, it begs the question: where should we commit our time this summer…or our teen’s or child’s time? A plethora of one week programs abound…The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair offers two one week programs, as well, that are fast-paced and fun and dynamic and, yes, confidence and skill-building.

But our four week Main Stage Program is where participants walk out with a transformational experience grounded in self-knowledge and a strong sense of theatrical protocol that will serve them in their further theatrical ventures and in their lives. All of this true bounty reaped in four weeks of fun, camaraderie and mentorship by master instructors who are invested in their development.

If you have a teen or tween who loves theatre, perhaps joining us for our Main Stage Program would be an exciting and fruitful way to spend some of their precious summer’s time…we invite you to join us!

Call Artistic Director, Mary Ann Riel, for more information: 973-746-8686.