Jennifer Mitchell, Former Student, The Summer Theatre Camp Of Montclair.

Marco Ambrosio: “As a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use the speaking skills I learned from my seasons at The Summer Theatre of Montclair. I am often called upon to speak in front of hundreds of people and do so with confidence, poise, and self reliance gained from my training.   Big thanks to Mary Ann Riel”.

C Mitchell, Parent of Former students: “Both my daughters have been involved with the Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair as students all through their elementary and high school careers.  For the younger one who knew from a young age that she had to act, the program couldn’t have been better.  She got expert training in acting, exposure to all aspects of the behind the scenes work that goes into making a show, and even in proper dress, poise, and etiquette for the actor both for auditions and on stage. She was approached a number of times by agents watching the shows and went on to be one of 35 out of 1500 students chosen for the arts college of her choice.

My older loved the program and the hard work, gained confidence, made good friends, and became a skilled actor in her own right (I wanted to go comfort her one day when I found her crying, right up until I realized she was rehearsing for a role in a Greek tragic scene—she was 11!)

The program is geared toward the individual needs of the students whether they’re outgoing or extremely shy.  By the end of the summer, each student comes out with a newfound confidence in their abilities and therefore, self-respect  They are introduced to contemporary and classic literature and its relevance to today.  They make good friends.  As artistic people, they learn through the camp and acting classes that they can make an important contribution to the world. I whole-heartedly recommend The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair.”

Sarah P. (5-7 year old)  “I had the best time doing my play!  My parents and friends clapped–hard!”

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