Has your teen or child been bullied?

It’s awful, isn’t it? Your kind, smart, creative teen or child comes home devastated…others are being mean to him or her, sometimes egregiously so.

No doubt: we live in a world where bullying, now weaponized by social media, can scar a young person’s psyche, sometimes profoundly so.

While we don’t have the magic potion to stop bullying (we wish we did!), we do know that activities that shore up a teen’s or child’s true sense of him or herself can make all the difference in their school and social life.

Our Acting Program fosters self-empowerment both onstage and offstage. We witness every summer how young people thrive, grow and become comfortable in their uniqueness when they are in a safe environment where every single participant is valued, nurtured and mentored appropriately. The skills our camp participants build with us resonate in their future and positively affect many aspects of their lives…and that comes close to being a magic potion to deal with the slings and arrows of bullying. Awareness, self-empowerment and humor are great tools to deflect unkindness! So is a supportive group of friends in an acting camp that is creative and fun…so:

If your teen or child loves performing and could benefit from the support of a dynamic, challenging, respectful and artistic, theatrical environment, contact Mary Ann at 973-746-8686. This is the summer to positively impact your child’s or teen’s self-esteem.