For Teens Only!

So, you have made the decision: this is the summer that you are getting your act together and bringing it to the stage!  Congratulations! Yay, you!   There’s nothing like acting, drama and theatre work to empower you.  Isn’t You feeling your true power what it’s all about? You want to manifest the potential that you know is inside you.  You want to do some great acting onstage.  You’re tired of being an audience member and ready to take your place center stage….but….you could use some guidance, support, some practical skill building with a big infusion of confidence.  And now you’re looking for a summer program that will challenge you, respect you, inspire you.

How do you find a program that is right for you?  You know that you don’t want a program that is childish, but you don’t want a program that is intimidating.

You are on the right track by taking the time to research different programs, look into their history and ask them the specific questions about how their program is structured, what you can expect to gain from them and who their staff are.   Remember:  this summer is your time and, if you spend it well, it can be a life-changer!  You want to gain acting skill, performing experience and make supportive friends along the way.

That is the sort of summer program The Summer Theatre Camp of Montclair has conducted for 22 years.  We invite you to call or email your specific questions to us so that you can determine if our acting program is a good fit for your needs.

We would love to give you a tour so that you can visit the camp site and theater in which you will perform, should you decide to join us…and we truly hope you do!   In the meantime, here are some predictors that our camp could be the acting program that will support your goals and dreams:

1.  You understand that theatre has a component of both play and work and you commit yourself to immersing yourself in both.

2.  You can be a team player and realize that great acting work is about connecting, sharing, supporting and being supported by your fellow actors.

3.  You are interested in being dramatically great onstage and are not interested in being a drama queen–or king–offstage.

4.  You want to be in a friendly environment with others who are interested in working toward a great final play.

5.  You want to be treated like an intelligent, mature young developing adult who has questions that need to be answered and goals that you are willing to work toward.  Don’t worry:  you’ll have plenty of support from a very talented and dedicated staff who wants to assist you toward your personal best!

If the above sounds like you, please give us a call, because we’d love to answer your specific questions about our philosophy, our history, what some of our former camp participants are doing now and how we might help you realize your Stage Dreams.  Call Mary Ann Riel, Artistic Director at 973-746-8686 or email